Hi ya’ll! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Bianca Kisselburg and I am the founder of Playful Connections Sandtray Institute. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist and Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist - Provider.   I train with a focus in attachment theory, neuroscience, person-centered and experiential therapy.


I have always had a passion for working with children and families to help to improve and enrich their lives. I have worked as a therapist with all ages but have had extensive work with children including those in therapeutic foster care. Many of these children have experienced trauma and did not get the love and connection that they require for healthy development. Time and time again, I hear therapists tell me they aren’t sure what to do with children, especially the more difficult populations. It is my sincerest wish to empower other therapists with the tools and resources they need to feel and be successful working with these populations and more.




When you train with me . . .Be ready to tell me how you play! Play is an important part of development as a child and then self-care as we become adults.  I love to play! I enjoy card and board games with my boys (#boymom).  I am also a big nerd at heart and geek out over miniatures and all things sandtray. I am especially drawn to all things Star Wars, Marvel and Harry Potter. I even attend comic con when I get the chance. It’s a great place to pick up new miniatures…meet Spiderman (Tom Holland), Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo), Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin), Data from the Goonies (Jonathan Ke Quan), Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) and more! Really, I met them and I have the pictures to prove it! I told you I am a nerd! Haha!


Where is PCSI located? It is located in Texarkana, Arkansas which is considered the Four States Area. This is because we are a hop skip and a jump from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. We also have a local airport that makes it easy for travel! We don’t have a primary location presently but have CONNECTIONS! (See what I did there?)


The local community mental health facility, Southwest Arkansas Counseling and Mental Health Center, has partnered with PCSI as the main location for all cohort training. Any smaller training will have the location posted on the event page.


Contact PCSI - ICST-P #004

PO Box 1605

Texarkana, AR 71854

Tel: (870) 292-7784

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